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A bond as defined by the dictionary is something that “binds, fastens, confines or holds together.”  In relation to bail bonds, it is a commitment between the defendant and the court that the person charged will return for future court appointments.  The money or collateral is held in exchange for the release of the person accused (defendant).  If the defendant does not appear as agreed, the money put up for collateral (or bail) is revoked and the defendant returned to jail.  Many people choose to hire a professional bail bondsman to assist in this process rather than paying the entire bail amount up front.  Under the terms of a bond agreement, the defendant will pay a percentage of the total bail to a bondsman (usually ten percent) who will pay the bail with the court clerk.  Once the clerk is paid, the bail bondsman is then responsible for the defendant appearing at trial.  If the defendant does not appear as agreed, the bondsman will return him or her to custody.